Why Not?

What would Lexington’s future look like if the city more deliberately organized our local economy and culture around something deep within our DNA? With substantial building blocks already in place, including the UK College of Agriculture and the global animal nutrition and research organization, Alltech, why not seize an opportunity to become an important center of food technology innovation and collaboration?

How might setting out the welcome mat for emerging digital technologies focused on sustainable farming, environmental stewardship, food safety and feeding a growing world population influence our culture?

Sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspective to raise such questions and point out what’s right there, under your nose. David Hunt, a Dubliner who loves Lexington, Kentucky, has done just that.

A former corporate banker, Hunt is a co-founder of Cainthus, a Dublin-based company formed with the purpose of digitizing agriculture. He also serves on the faculty at Singularity University in Silicon Valley.  Our paths crossed recently as I spent several days at this year’s Alltech ONE Ideas Conference in Lexington working with the company to produce a series of podcast interviews with many of the presenters.

One morning over coffee, I heard something that I believe you might find interesting. I heard it from Hunt after mentioning a recent Op-Ed by Alltech Founder and President, Pearse Lyons, suggesting that Lexington become the hub of agricultural technology, research, development, finance, education and more.

It turns out that he couldn’t possibly agree more, and wonders why it hasn’t already happened. Listen to our conversation…

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Tom Martin is co-publisher of UnderMain and producer/host of the weekly public radio magazine program Eastern Standard on WEKU. Tom's 50 year career in media has included network news correspondent, newspaper editor, columnist, and student media advisor.