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A Little Room to Breathe

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It Just Kinda Dawned on Us

Garden Breakdown, Again

Tunis: Dining with Justin

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BLINK Cincinnati

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Beyond Pretty Pictures

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Great Lakes Tour, Part 5: Erie

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Critical Mass: From III to IV

LexPhil’s Maestro Marathon

In Their Own Words

(no title)

Erasing Borders

Chamber Music For Everyone

Truth(s) and Consequence(s)

Retro Ralph At UK

Through Line to a Third

(no title)

(no title)

Something More

Speaking of Books

The Gift of a Good Book

Clear Outlook

Scene&Heard: Senora May

Fresh Big Fresh

Memorial in Process

WRFL hits ‘Big 3-0’

Scene&Heard: Divine Carama

Accomplishing Failure

Scene&Heard: The Jettisons

Scene&Heard: LexPhil abuzz

Swoon: The Canyon

Real Virtuality

Scene&Heard: PeteFest

The Human Body, Reconsidered

Scene&Heard: The Sway

Scene&Heard: Kim Smith

Cautious Optimism

A Blueprint for What?

The Chrysalis

Circling Back

Radical Visions: A Review

Guy Mendes: Unframed Play

How Art Connects

Visions Within Visions


Residing in a Vision

Drawn to Bodies: A Review

A Simple Gift

The Wedding Day Kiss

The Mason Star

Running Where We Stand

Females on the Figure

Mama’s Boys

Greed defined


Ben Lacy: Born with it

When Less is More

Making A List

Beyond Scheherazade

Come on in…

Kevin Hardesty In the Open

When Beauty Strikes

The Moment She Knew

Congratulations Phillip!

To What Do We Belong?

Homage to a Hot Burrito

Raising the Bar

A New Player in the Game!

A Legendary Love

All About the Alloy

Hands & Feet

Locally Launched

And Her Name is Jazz!

You Are Here

A Delightful Bath

Nam June Paik

Tall Shorts

The Pope Villa Breathing

Another Rainy Day