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Mama’s Boys

My mother was not what you’d call a sports fan. She had eight kids, six girls, and while I would never claim that this fact alone made our house a sports-free zone, it clearly played a part. We had estrogen in the air, thick as the scent of Lemon Pledge on cleaning day. We had Joni Mitchell and “Masterpiece Theater” and macramé. Georgia O’Keefe on the walls. Feminist tomes on the bookshelves.

We didn’t have a lot of balls.

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Deconstructing the Art Market

More record-setting auctions at Christie’s. A Modigliani nude goes for over $170 million. The art market has become spectator sport for most of us. Prices for contemporary art are stratospheric. Speculation and flipping work drive the high end art market. Local artist, UK SAVS faculty member, and entrepreneur, Dima Strakovsky, sees a cash-bloated art market increasingly limiting artistic possibilities in this provocative piece on Medium.com.