About UnderMain

UM, What?!

We’ve grown up. We know who we are. Arts and culture and more in the Bluegrass region and beyond. Because places, ideas, and people connect across geographic distance. We aim to help make those connections. 

We present vivid content in our digital sandbox; critical reviews, in-depth profiles, newsletters and newsy stuff, arts tasting menus, live events like Critical Mass, and radio pieces on WEKU’s Eastern Standard.  We are a platform for talented writers, artists, and performers. UM is a showcase and a stage. And we are growing and expanding our portfolio. Stay in touch.

UnderMain is a 501(c)(3). So we can harvest your tax-free charitable donations. There’s a “Donate” button on every page. We value each and every one of your eyeballs and dollars that land on us.

UM, what? Now that we know, help us grow.

The UnderMain Team:

Tom Martin, Co-Publisher, tom@under-main.com

Christine Huskisson, Co-Publisher, christine@under-main.com

Arthur Shechet, Co-Publisher, art@under-main.com

Bobbie Newman, Copy Editor

Tanya Woldarczyk, Webdesigner