UM, What?

It’s coming into focus. We love all your eyeballs on us, your likes, your comments, and your encouragement. You’re helping us figure it out. UM’s got a pretty wide bandwidth. Cultural affairs is a big basket. Arts of all kinds, community issues, controversies, contests, events, people, and our town’s little-known crevices. And critical reviews. Because we are a grown-up place that takes its arts seriously. Not as a sideshow, but as an essential organ of a living and breathing Lexington.

UM is serious and fun. We love playing in the digital sandbox and presenting vivid content to you. We are a platform for some of our most talented writers, artists, and performers. This place is a gold mine of creative talent! UM is a showcase and a stage.

So stay in touch, let us know what you think, help us keep the lights on.

UM, what? Now that we know, help us grow.

The UnderMain Team:

Tom Martin, Co-publisher

Christine Huskisson, Co-publisher

Arthur Shechet, Co-publisher

Bobbie Newman, Copy Editor

Tanya Woldarczyk, Webdesigner