Habitat Benefit Brings Out Big Local Stars

For the second year in a row now, a motley group of local musicians is heading to the dark side of the moon for a good cause. On Friday, December 14th, at the Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center Black Box Theatre, an assortment of local musical luminaries will play two sets – one from Pink Floyd, covering their seminal years and another paying tribute to Big Star, an incredibly influential and acclaimed group that never quite seemed to mate that influence to commercial success. All of these efforts are to support Lexington Habitat for Humanity, a cause near to organizer Dr. Scott Whiddon’s heart (more on that here).

This year’s show features an enormous cast of musical characters from such local staples as Joslyn and the Sweet Compression, Johnson Brothers, The Twiggenburys, OTTO, Palisades and Bear Medicine. The event has an equally substantial group of local sponsors: WEKU’S Eastern Standard, Smiley Pete Publishing, CD Central, Black Lotus Yoga, Desperate SpiritsJ. Gumbo’s, and West Sixth Brewing.

Keyboardist Kevin Holm-Hudson, member of The Twiggenburys and a second-year alumnus of this event, finds an added benefit in the charitable aspect of the gig:

“Music is something we do together. It’s a communal, bonding experience, so making music to benefit the community really adds to my enjoyment.”

“Art in general, and music, in particular, are great communication tools,” adds Guitarist Jim Gleason of the Johnson Brothers and another second-year alumnus. “In this case, the show is a way to get the word out about Habitat through a different channel than something typical like an ad or brochure.  If that helps point a light on the good work they do, I’m excited to help.”

The doors open at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, December 14th, with the music starting at 8:30. Tickets are available here, and an event page for more information is available here.  

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Brian Powers is a freelance writer, bassist, legal writer and amateur home remodeler originally from Clearwater, Florida. He lives in Lexington with his wife and at least four children, and his favorite band is Def Leppard, for which he refuses to apologize.